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Best Beard Care Kit by Stellar Naturals: 100% Natural and Certified Organic Beard Tea Tree Shampoo, Beard Oil and Beard Balm to Soften, Moist and Cleanse a Healthy Beard and Skin. Great Gift for Men

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Made from the 100% Natural and Certified Ingredients here in USA. Keeping in mind the needs for growing beard community. These products help to take the beard care to next level by keeping the unruly beard soft, moist and in shape. Ingredients are formulated to facilitate proper beard grooming and since they are all natural and organic its best for skin and hair care. These products can also be used for pre-shave and general hair care needs. Makes for perfect gift for men.

Few Key Facts about Stellar Naturals Organic Shampoo, Oil and Balm:

• No chemicals or sulfates to keep it all natural
• 100% Certified Organic Ingredients
• Refreshing Tea Tree smell in the shampoo
• Hint of Sandalwood in the Beard oil and Balm to keep the beard smelling good
• No bad or over empowering smells to contradict the cologne smells, just a subtle hint
• Deeply moisturizes your facial hair and skin
• Best for hold for styling
• Makes your beard look thicker
• Promotes healthy hair growth